How To Buy an App from the iOS Store

How To Buy an App from the iOS Store

The iOS store is the online store for all Apple products whether you are using an iPad, iPhone or even some of the higher ranges of iPod’s such as the iPod touch. Before you are able to purchase from the iOS store you need to create an Apple ID which consists of an email address, password, some security questions and answers for account recovery and some other relevant information. You can create an Apple ID on your device or via the official Apple Website. There are some very informative sites about mobile and online gambling and reviews for the best apps.

There is good reason to create an Apple ID as any purchases you make are recorded against your account. This means that you if you have any difficulties with your device and need to reset or replace it you can retrieve your applications, music and other purchases without having to buy them again. You also cannot make any purchases without having an Apple ID account. Even for free downloads your device will request your password to authenticate your purchase before you can actually complete the transaction.

You can make purchases on your device or via the official Apple iOS store website from anywhere in the world – even Canada. Note that if you make your purchase online you will still need to search for the purchase in the iOS Store and download the app onto your device. This is not the case if you make the purchase directly on the device as it will automatically prompt for you to download it after authentication.

In order to buy an app from the iOS Store simply find the iOS Store icon on your device and open it up. You can then type into the search box that can usually be found in the top left corner of the store and then choose your app from the search results. You can also search through the iOS store by category, popularity and other criteria. Once you have clicked the buy button and entered your Apple ID password your app will be installed onto your device and you will see it appear on your home screen.



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