Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual Horse Racing

Off to a day at the races?

Did you know that, following along in the footsteps of virtual table casino games, you can now also enjoy virtual horse races from the comfort of your own home? Land-based and online casinos have offered the opportunity to place bets on horse races for a long time, but virtual horse-racing isn’t quite the same. Players get to do all the usual horse-race stuff like picking the horses they want to bet on by studying and estimating odds and then placing bets – but now they actually get to watch the horse race without having to venture out to the tracks!

No more standing around in the rain or milling in crowds. It’s also a lot faster than the live races.

New flash graphics bring the track to life around you, right on your screen – you get to watch the races, cheer on your horse and win cash. There are several different race games to choose from as you tour the virtual race tracks. Enjoy realistic graphics, exciting settings and thrilling sound effects that bring the races to you.

You can now even have virtual races on your smartphone, in 3D, with the new Virtual Horse Racing 3D app – so that you can transport yourself to the races whenever and wherever you wish.




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