Roulette Systems

Roulette Systems

Since the invention of the roulette wheel over 200 years ago there have been numerous attempts to find a system that can beat the wheel. From complex strategies to more simple ones that just require a little concentration to perform. Unlike online pokies roulette allows the player to have a bit more control over the outcome of the bets. This quest has never been more popular than in recent years with the explosion in online roulette websites with endless systems being sold that promise great riches.

One of the oldest systems is called the Martingale System. This simply put is where you choose a starting chip price of let’s say $1 and bet on either red or black. If you win then you put $1 on the opposite color. If you lose you double your stake and keep doubling your stake on the same color until you win. This means you go back to the start with a $1 stake on the opposite color and keep playing. There are a couple of problems with this method.

The first is that if you have to keep doubling your stake it doesn’t take long before it builds up to a large amount of money. The second is that certainly many online casinos will have a maximum stake allowed and if you reach this limit you cannot continue using the strategy. Another roulette system is called Oscar’s Grind which works on the basis that the roulette wheel has winning and losing streaks and by recognizing these streaks we can capitalize upon them.

You do this by betting the same amount on the red or black when you lose. So if you bet $1 on red and lose, you can bet $1 on red again. If you win then you increase your bet by $1 as there is more likelihood of being on a winning streak. There are a few more rules to this system but that is the basis of it.

Unfortunately, a roulette wheel is based on complete randomness and there is no statistical evidence for winning streaks or losing streaks which means there is little evidence that any system created is more effective than random bet placement. With this in mind be very careful of any roulette system you encounter.

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